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Education Day - March 25, 2017 -  Union Women - Work, Home, Community

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Greater NJ CLUW Greater New Jersey Coalition of Labor Union Women Home

Greater NJ CLUW

The Coalition of Labor Union Women is a national organization founded in 1974 to address the critical needs of millions of unorganized women and to make our unions more responsive to the needs of their female members, especially women of color. CLUW identifies common problems and concerns of working women and develops action programs to address them. Our national President is Karen See of the American Postal Workers Union, and we have prestigious representatives from many unions on our national Officers Council.

Greater NJ CLUW adopted four basic goals of action: to promote affirmative action in the workplace; to strengthen the role of women in unions; to organize the unorganized women; and to increase the involvement of women in the political and legislative process.


These goals continue to be the cornerstone of Greater NJ CLUW's activities as members speak out for equal pay, child and elder care benefits, job security, safe workplaces, affordable health care, contraceptive equity, and protection from sexual harassment and violence at work.